Thursday, March 3, 2011


‎"Judge Limit, hi. Big up to all di man courters – unu ting sell off. Tell me if me unfair; my 16 year old son dey wid dis big gray tone gal she about 28 or 29 me no know cuz me no chat to it. Me against it from day one. My son is too good har – yep, I said it. Gal have bout 3 pickney an my good good son wey inna high school an have so much going for him gone tek up dis lickle idiot gal – but when me tink dat was my biggest problem... turns out, dat is just di least of my worries. Now me son come home an say she say she pregnant an is fi him. You wan see how me lickle bwoy stress out!!! All now me no see har an all me a call har she nah ansa. Me haffi get to di bottom of dis enuh worst like how my son say him always jimmy up when him an har a do jus feel say she wan come mash up me son future – dutty nassy gal!"

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