Thursday, March 3, 2011


 ‎"Good Morning Judge Limit…when do I let go? I am married with 3 kids but am being tempted. See my old boyfriend whom I have unfinished business with, have been in contact again and I really want to hook up with him again. I am right now planning a trip to go see him, off the record of course. The feelings I had for him is coming back alive and I love it! I can’t help but think what if…should I at least try? I am worried that I maybe giving up sure for unsure tho – advise?"

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  1. This come in like when people no follow dem heart.... Lady when u did deh wid d Xbf u never know say u love him, dem weh u left him fah n now u must have a good thing going fi a seek assistance seet u all a say u no wah gi weh sure fi unsure so tan wid u husband n pitney dem caz u women no easy ...If this was coming from a man everybody wudda say him a DOG n disrespect n devil knows what unu must understand unu self mek u X man know say d horse gone through d gate mi know how d old fire stick thing go but muma sometines if u have a good thing going just keep it man .... u can go see u X man still caz love ting no easy, if unu kiss up n feel up a so but no badda go sex him caz when u reach home u same one might think to uself say it no worth it.... so know weh u a do u hear muma...