Thursday, March 3, 2011


‎"Judge Limit, big up yuhself!! Issues, have dis fren (well me did tink a me fren) nite dis yute wey she a hide an fuck, call har bout 3 o’clock one mawning say him a come from dance an she come knock me up an BORROW me c...hicken fi cook fi gi him when him come...BUT dat is not di issue now, last weekend, she wan borrow me lingerie so me gi har an tell har she can keep it. Sunday mawning me a come from dance an knock har up, she come ansa door inna my lingerie so me ask fi use har bathroom, tru me wan fass a which man she have in dey..on di way to di bathroom, me hide an push har bedroom door an ho an below – a my babyfadda me see cock up inna di gal bed..di way how me frighten, me ready same an him no live still but we still dey an me nah ansa fi har or fi him calls dem – HOW UNU TINK ME MUS APPROACH DIS? ME HAVE 4 KIDS FI LIVE FAH"

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